Sunday, October 12, 2014


This place has been rather quiet for the last few years.  Not completely ignored, but pretty close.  And yet, when God says it's time to get packed for a road trip, there's nothing I reach for first.  Something about this blog, something about the meaning of GPS, something about the journey that led me here, reminds me that God is in control.  That promise is something I'm clinging to as I embark on this new journey He's set before me.

Life has been fairly stagnant lately, and I've loved every minute of it.  Things are more or less predictable, I'm comfortable and happy, and my biggest struggle has been waiting on God's timing.  At least I thought that was a struggle.  It's not exactly any easier when He up and says It's time! without filling you in on the details.  Now I know there's something new on the horizon, but I have no idea how or when we'll get there.

I guess that's why I need my trusty GPS, huh?  When I felt the need to blog about this next chapter of life, I thought it would be best if I started from scratch.  A new chapter, a new site, a new theme, new topics.  Makes sense, right?  Except God kept bringing me right back here where it all began five years ago.  No other title so easily sums up my journey, and nowhere else feels like home.

So here I am, with new batteries and a fully-charged Navigator ready to go.  I've received some much-needed direction for my writing, have some opportunities I'm excited to explore, and am even looking forward to making a life-long dream a reality sometime in the not-too-too-distance future. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week to hear about everything going on.  It should be a fun ride, and as always, I'd love to have you tag along!

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